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Hearing-aids may help slow mental decline in older people

Image courtesy of REUTERS/Heinz-Peter Bader Seniors with hearing loss who use hearing aids may experience cognitive decline at a rate more like their peers without hearing trouble, according to a French study that followed thousands of seniors for 25 years.Past research has shown a link between hearing loss and steeper cognitive decline in old age,(…)


“Landmark” framework for dementia care training launched

This week a new framework for the training of care workers has been launched with the aim of improving the quality of care available for patients with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.Reporting for The Nursing Times, Nicola Merrifield explains….Developed by national workforce body Health Education England, and training development organisation Skills for Health, the(…)


New MIND diet shown to slow mental decline

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-ffHYVzkWo In a 9 year study involving just short of a thousand elderly people in the USA, researchers have uncovered solid evidence that a diet rich in vitamins and minerals can improve brain function and help keep brains younger. The MIND diet was developed with the specific intention of slowing mental decline and reducing the(…)


Why noticing your memory problems is a good thing

Noticing that you’ve forgotten something, sometimes called ‘a senior moment’ can be frustrating, but new research suggests the fact that you’re aware of your forgetfulness may be a good thing. A US study has found that older adults who go on to develop dementia may begin to lose their awareness of memory problems up to 3(…)


Can Retirement villages offer an alternative to traditional Care homes?

Demand for luxury housing within new retirement village developments is at an all time high, claims Nick Sanderson, chief executive of Audley Retirement. And in a blistering attack on current residential care provision, he declares that 75% of Care Homes should close because they now fall short on modern standards and customer expectation.Audley Retirement, which runs eight(…)