Depression and Dementia

The link between depression and dementia is perhaps an obvious one. Yet recognising the symptoms of depression in someone with dementia may not be as easy as you might expect. Many of the symptoms of depression are shared with those of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in particular, and it is not uncommon for people to think they(…)


Dementia patients ‘face unfair care tax’

The dementia charities have long been campaigning against the financial burden placed  on families in having to pay for care of loved ones with dementia. Shocking new figures from the London School of Economics and Kings College London on behalf of The Alzheimer’s Society  now reveal the true scale of the problem. BBC News Health(…)


“Alive Inside : A story of Music and Memory”

This new dementia documentary from the US demonstrates the power and joy of personalised music therapy  Winner of the audience award at Sundance Film Festival in January this year, “Alive Inside” is a US documentary showing first -hand the effects personalised music therapy can have in re-awakening memories and evoking powerful emotional responses in those(…)