Essential reading… “DEMENTIA- The One Stop Guide”

Image-Dementia-the one stop guideProfessor June Andrews has a well earned reputation for her work in the fields of social care and dementia. As Director of the Dementia Services Development Centre based at the University of Stirling, she has done much to raise awareness and improve understanding of the difficulties faced by those dealing with dementia, and in Dementia- The one stop guide she aims to share some of the knowledge she has gained over the years by providing “practical and sensible advice” about “how to cope with the dementia journey the best way you can”.

The book is well laid-out, is easy to read, and is truly informative. It is jam packed with practical advice that you can put to immediate use, and the inclusion of  many real-life examples make the situations described easy to relate to and understand.

As its name suggests, the book deals with the full range of issues associated with dementia. Don’t be put off by this, thinking that a “one-stop” approach will just skim over important points. The book provides solid, worthwhile facts and information, without getting you bogged down in so much detail you don’t know where to start.

Each section addresses a key issue and the major causes of concern for most people as they progress through the dementia journey. There are chapters for instance on how to recognise the symptoms and getting a diagnosis, advice on how to keep dementia at bay, dealing with disturbing behaviours, how to adapt your home, what you should expect from the social care system and the dangers on hospital admissions and how to avoid them, as well as many others. The book can be read as a narrative cover to cover, or can be successfully dipped in and out of for the sections most pertinent to your specific needs at any one time.

Dementia- the one stop guide is aimed at anyone with an interest in dementia and makes no distinction between family members, professionals and those living with the disease themselves. There is no jargon or unhelpful theory. The information is practical and user friendly, and importantly provides advice that can be put to immediate effect.

I can’t recommend this book enough. Unlike so many other guides that I have quickly recycled to the charity shop, this one will remain firmly at the front of my bookshelf for future reference.

The cover price is £9.99 and  is available from the online bookshop at DSDC– (which also stocks other helpful dementia publications and downloads so is definitely worth a look), or from Amazon priced £6.99. It’s worth every penny in my opinion.

Professor June Andrews talks about her book, and the challenges faced by those with dementia, in this YouTube clip entitled The Dementia Timebomb. The clip is quite a long one but is well worth watching.

Dementia- The one stop guide. Practical advice for families, professionals, and people living with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease by Professor June Andrews was published on February 5th 2015. It follows her successful publication “10 Helpful Hints for Carers” co-written in 2011 with Professor Allan House.

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