New Book – Dementia Express – Could Help Slow Memory Loss for Military Veterans

A new study has suggested that military veterans who have suffered a traumatic brain injury are around 60% more likely to be diagnosed with dementia earlier in their lives than those who have never experienced such an injury. Ace Medical Group practicing physician explains how everyone can keep one’s brain at its toe.

Rock Hill, South Carolina July 01, 2014

The findings, which were conducted at the University of California and posted in the journal ‘Neurology,’ could indicate that dementia is diagnosed as much as two years earlier in veterans and those who have suffered brain injury.

Dementia Express BookA new book, Dementia Express, written by a primary care physician, is helping to postpone memory loss and dementia for as long as possible by keeping the brain active – and it could hold the key to ensuring these veterans retain their memories for a few more years. Dr Sandeep Grewal, author of the book which is available to buy on Amazon and other online retailers, wrote the book to help keep readers’ brains on their toes, but instead of using dull anecdotal evidence and endless scientific research, he utilizes humor and comedy to spark brain cells into life.

Dr Grewal, who is a popular physician in the Carolinas and is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, says, “The new study suggesting that those who have suffered traumatic brain injury in their life could be diagnosed with dementia earlier is saddening – memory loss and the other associated symptoms of dementia can remove an individual’s independence entirely, and I think it’s very important to try and keep the brain nimble and active as long as possible. I have adopted a unique approach to this with a humorous book that will demonstrate just how easy it is for you to stop exercising and nourishing your brain’s development.”

He adds, “Once they understand just how little a brain can get away with doing as you turn on your personal ‘autopilot,’ readers will become more aware of their dormant brains and will hopefully do more to keep them active. Health books don’t have to be boring – in fact, it is the entertaining manner in which this book is presented which contributes to keeping those brain cells healthy and nimble.”

The book currently holds a clutch of five-star reviews on Amazon where readers find the book entertaining and fun, but also informative and helpful. In light of the research suggested that military veterans could be susceptible to being diagnosed earlier, the book would make an excellent gift for an ex-serviceman or women who worries about their health and wants to do what they can to enjoy a prolonged and active life.

To find out more about Dementia Express, click here to visit the Amazon page.

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